Level One –  Full Virtual

The workshop will consist of the following components:

  • The workshop is delivered over three days (5-hour session per day).
  • Techniques will be demonstrated live via zoom call and participants will be given ample time to practice the techniques and ask questions throughout the workshop. The techniques, demonstrations and practice time will be the same as the STR in-person workshops.
  • Each session will be one week apart to help maximize participant retention and allow time to practice between sessions.
  • The final session will include practical case studies to help participants organize techniques in a logical and effective manner. This will also act as a workshop review of the STR techniques.
  • Participants are encouraged to practice the techniques between sessions can contact the instructor between sessions to answer  questions or for addition help.

Note:  STR Level 1 will focus more on concepts, theoretical understanding, and STR skill acquisition. These important foundations are critical in performing the STR techniques in an effective and efficient manner. Emphasis will be placed on the therapist’s manual skills ensuring the techniques are easy to administer and focusing on therapist and client comfort. .

Workshop Materials:

Participants will receive a colored illustrated manual, all PowerPoint notes, and course certificate upon successful completion.