STR Advanced

Level Two

Advanced Soft Tissue Release (Level 2) is a one – day practical workshop aimed at progressing the STR skills and techniques of therapists who have completed Soft Tissue Release (Level 1). Over the past 10 years Soft Tissue Release by Jim Bilotta has continually evolved with more techniques, modifications to existing techniques, and changes in protocols and sequences. These progressions and modifications, both theoretical and practical, will be presented in the workshop.

Who can participate in this workshop?

This workshop will be offered to health care providers who have completed Soft Tissue Release Level 1 by Jim Bilotta.

Why should you participate in the STR Advance Level 2 workshop?

Most participants expressed an interest in returning after they had the chance to practice the techniques in their workplace. This advanced workshop will give participants the opportunity to elevate their skills and understanding of STR to ensure they produce the best possible results for their patients/clients.

Workshop Details
This practical workshop will:

  • Emphasize pressure (lock/glide) going from superficial structures to deep and selecting the most effective tool for optimal performance.
  • Focus on strategies to ensure the patient/client actively moves towards the stretch. This is achieved by applying resistance against movements that are gravity assisted.
  • Give participants the opportunity to concentrate more on application because they are already familiar with most of the techniques.
  • Cover the entire body and participants will learn how to apply the techniques in a sequence rather than individually.
  • Give participants practice cases to work with an injury by developing a sequence of techniques to ensure the appropriate muscles are addressed in an orderly fashion.
  • Include Functional Soft Tissue Release (FSTR), aimed towards helping patients/clients safely return to work/sport or leisure activities. These techniques include functional movements that are common in sport, work and leisure activities. This unique concept focuses on applying pressure during the eccentric load on the muscle. Movements such as squats, lunges, dead lifts, push-ups, lat pull downs, seated rows will be examined in the workshop.
  • Additional techniques which can be used on the diaphragm, obliques, TMJ and others will be included.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to discuss any challenges, successes or findings that they have experienced in their practice, with the instructor and fellow workshop attendees.

Participant/Instructor ratio:

Participant/instructor ratio will be smaller to ensure more one on one opportunity with the instructor.

Manual for STR Level 1 and Level 2

The Soft Tissue Release (Level 1) manual and the Advanced Soft Tissue Release (Level 2) manual has been completely revised. All photos have been updated and new techniques have been added. Manual updates are ongoing to ensure both manuals stay current and reflect the constantly evolving workshop.